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Soy Balsamic Slow Cooker Chicken
Soy Balsamic Slow Cooker Chicken

The ingredients must have come to me in my sleep. The more I use my slow cooker, the more I love it.

Cedar Planked Salmon with Cayenne Lime Butter

Cedar Planked Salmon with Cayenne Lime Butter

This salmon is so delicious on it's own. I decided to cedar plank the salmon on the grill, and drizzle it with some cayenne lime butter.

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tacos
Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tacos

After having a bite of the Chipotle Chicken Tacos my coworker brought for lunch a couple of weeks ago, this was my dinner two days later.

Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich
Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich

If you know me you know I am a sucker for avocado and chipotle. I used a rotisserie chicken so it's super easy to make.

Egg, Prosciutto & Tomato Muffins
Sriracha Meatballs

I'm a big fan of savory muffins. These are pretty much mini omelettes in a cup. They are perfect for weekend brunch, and even better to make ahead for the week and then pop them in the microwave.

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Creamy Skillet Mac & Cheese with Broccoli

Creamy Mac & Cheese with Broccoli

You all have probably been wondering what I've been doing other than eating Brussels Sprouts and Strawberries. Well I've been busy showering, nope, I'm not talking about personal hygiene here, but we hosted a Jack and Jill Pig Roast Wedding Shower for our friends and then my friend threw me a 'Ready to Pop' themed baby shower. After a couple of food recipes for you all, I'll have posts on those, because they were pretty darn fun...and maybe I'll even have a baby in between.

And by the way, Strawberries may be out, Peaches and Rainier Cherries are hitting the spot these days. The Peaches coming from Central California right now are so juicy and sweet, I can't get enough. Needless to say, this Peach and Tomato Salad has been showing up at our dinner table a lot lately. 

Now on to the good stuff...mac and cheese! You all know I love my macaroni and cheese (see evidence here, here, here and here). So when I saw this easy, creamy stove top version over at Spoon, Fork, Bacon, I knew I had to try it. I mean an entire block of Brie and Camembert were involved! And then I made it a health food by adding broccoli. That counts, right? 

I would go on further, but Mr. KMW is holding off on scooping me up some ice cream until this post is finished. So I got to go get some ice cream...with peaches on top, of course!

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Roasted Garlic and Sriracha Mac & Cheese

Roasted Garlic & Sriracha Mac & Cheese

I wanted to get you guys ready for your Fourth of July BBQ's with some Mac & Cheese. And apparently this Mac & Cheese to prep you for July 4th is becoming an annual event, last year I tee'd you up with Serrano Spinach Mac & Cheese.

I loved this roasted garlic and sriracha version, those are two things that are almost as dear to my heart as macaroni and cheese!

I hope everyone has a fun time celebrating 'Merica!

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Serrano Spinach Macaroni & Cheese

Serrano Spinach Mac & Cheese


I have a dish that will be a great addition to your 4th of July BBQ...or if you are just craving some comfort food. I went to a BBQ at my coworkers a couple of weekends ago and I got the request for some more spicy mac and cheese. I wanted to go with something a little more mild than the Habanero Mac & Cheese, but still had a kick and got inspired by this Serrano Creamed Spinach. That way Mr. KMW could eat it this time around!


Serrano Spinach Mac & Cheese 2


Have I mentioned that I can't get enough Mac & Cheese in my life? Because I can't, love that stuff. This version included

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Habanero Mac & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese 2


I LOVE macaroni and cheese. Whether traditional, butternut squash, buffalo, broccoli, lobster...the list could go on. I even created a Mac & Cheese Heaven board over on Pinterest.

Doesn't everyone love mac & cheese? At least everyone with a pulse.

As soon as I tasted Zane & Zack's Habanero Cream Cheese (the source of the heat), I knew I would be making macaroni and cheese with it. For those of you that are local, I bought it at the Ballard Farmer's Market...love that place.

Macaroni & Cheese


This Habanero version was creamy and cheesy and full of mac and cheese goodness, but it is definitely for those who can handle the heat. I'm toning down the amount of Habanero Cream Cheese in the recipe post, because what I actually used was just way too hot for some palates. There was no way Mr. KMW was touching that stuff, so I brought it into my office and it went quick! For those that can handle LOTS of heat feel free to increase to the full 8 ounces. And if you're looking to make friends at work, feel free to bring in a pan of mac and cheese.

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Butternut Squash Macaroni & Cheese

Stovetop Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

I can't believe I've had this blog for a year and I haven't posted any macaroni and cheese recipes, because I absolutely love mac and cheese and I've definitely had my fair share this past year. I think the issue is that I start shoveling it into my mouth as soon as it is out of the oven, leaving no time for pictures.

This stovetop butternut squash mac and cheese was inspired by Lauren over at Lauren's Latest, I'm always eyeing her recipes. Currently I have my sights on her Southwest Chicken Chop Salad and Cinnamon Bun Popcorn. Yes, Cinnamon Bun Popcorn. 

I did make quite a few changes to this recipe, but kept the general idea of adding the squash and making it on the stovetop so it was an easy weeknight dish. Have I mentioned I love butternut squash? Well I do, although I would probably like anything smothered in this amount of cheese...cheese is

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