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Soy Balsamic Slow Cooker Chicken
Soy Balsamic Slow Cooker Chicken

The ingredients must have come to me in my sleep. The more I use my slow cooker, the more I love it.

Cedar Planked Salmon with Cayenne Lime Butter

Cedar Planked Salmon with Cayenne Lime Butter

This salmon is so delicious on it's own. I decided to cedar plank the salmon on the grill, and drizzle it with some cayenne lime butter.

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tacos
Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tacos

After having a bite of the Chipotle Chicken Tacos my coworker brought for lunch a couple of weeks ago, this was my dinner two days later.

Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich
Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich

If you know me you know I am a sucker for avocado and chipotle. I used a rotisserie chicken so it's super easy to make.

Egg, Prosciutto & Tomato Muffins
Sriracha Meatballs

I'm a big fan of savory muffins. These are pretty much mini omelettes in a cup. They are perfect for weekend brunch, and even better to make ahead for the week and then pop them in the microwave.

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Sriracha Glazed Chicken with Onions & Broccoli

Sriracha Glazed Chicken & Onions

There was a major victory for me in our house this week! It was succesfully feeding my husband brown rice after years of resistance. My husband is half Filipino and he grew up eating white rice everyday, he found it offensive whenever I even mentioned brown rice or when I ordered brown rice on my sushi rolls. Then the other day I decided to lay out the health benefits for him of brown rice compared to white rice; fewer calories, higher in fiber, fewer carbs and more magnesium. Once this caught his attention, I grasped the opportunity to serve this Sriracha Glazed Chicken over brown rice. He was quick to give his approval and now it's all history!

Now onto the Sriracha Glazed Chicken, it makes for a super easy weeknight meal. Nothing fancy, but for a Sriracha addict like myself it really hits the spot. You can throw it together in 20 minutes and it's healthy too! Keep reading for the recipe I adapted from MyRecipes, I add a lot of Sriracha so adapt how much you add based on your preferences

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Holly's Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

I recently added a poll to my blog to see what type of recipes you guys are looking for and many of you have requested slow cooker recipes. So I'm really excited to share this easy Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken with you guys, it only has 5 ingredients!

My friend and co-worker, Holly, passed along this recipe and it's oh so good. Holly's a mom of 4, works and has a social life that puts mine to shame...the definition of a busy cook (and crazy woman). If you're looking for an easy and dependable weeknight recipe this one is for you. Not only is the recipe delicious, but it uses minimal ingredients, is hands off and since I'm not feeding a family of 6 it will pretty much last us the whole week. It's also really good leftover and you can eat the chicken straight up, throw it in a tortilla shell, eat it over rice or make some nachos.

Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken 2

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Asian Style Baked Chicken Wings



This weeks Gameday post is my mother-in-laws recipe and one of my husband's favorites from growing up. He would invite friends over just to devour pounds of these puppies. Now that he's 31 and finally moved out of his parents house he decided he had to learn how to make them himself. He would make them every weekend if I kept an endless supply of chicken wings on hand. When he makes them for guests he's always getting compliments and they are a hit with both adults and kids. It brought tears to my 2 year old neice when we ran out of them one time. They've been praised by people who don't like the typical buffalo chicken wings. I could go on, but just trust me on this one, you should make these and you'll probably want to double the recipe.

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Roast Chicken Diavolo

Chicken Diavolo

Remember when my husband made this beautiful Peruvian Roasted Chicken and I told you he wanted to become the King of Roasting Chickens in our house? Well he's officially earned his crown last night, between that Peruvian chicken and this Roast Chicken Diavolo that is ridiculously tasty, tender and juicy. I'm usually not a huge chicken fan (although you wouldn't know that by my last few posts), I find other meats more exciting and flavorful, but I was a huge fan of this chicken. You need to make this, it will add happiness to your life. It's also a recipe that's company worthy.

The Chicken Diavolo recipe he used requires you to spathcock the chicken. Now if you don't know what this means don't be intimidated, it essentially means butterfly and flatten. A nice pair of kitchen shears will make this very easy. As well as this handy video that we found on YouTube. It looks easier than trussing a chicken to me, but then again I sat on the couch and enjoyed some wine and cheese while my husband was doing all of this.

Now onto the recipe that was adapted from A Bird in the Oven and Then Some, so far both recipes we've tried from this book have been spot on. 

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Slow Cooker Indian Spiced Braised Chicken

Slow Cooker Indian Braised Chicken

When this recipe from Everyday Food was posted over on Bev Cooks I just had to try it, it was from one of my favorite magazines and involved a slow cooker. If you haven't checked out Bev's blog you should, I'm always drooling over her posts and she's crazy, in a good way. If you haven't checked out Everyday Food you should get on that as well, the recipes are never too difficult and it has a lot of great options for the busy cook. I have almost every issue since 2006 saved, it's pretty much the only thing I hoard (I'm a purger), but I love pulling old issues out and finding 'new' recipes to try. 

Onto the Indian Spiced Braised Chicken, this recipe is so easy I don't know if I can even consider it cooking. As always, it was great coming home to the smell of a delicious dinner in my apartment. Everytime I use my slow cooker I fall in love with it again, I really need to use it more.  Keep reading for the recipe with a few adaptions.

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