Bacon Horseradish Deviled Eggs
Sunday, April 7, 2013
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Bacon Horseradish Deviled Eggs

I know, deviled eggs are sooooo 3 weeks ago. But seeing all sorts of deviled egg variations popping up everywhere gave me the inspiration for my first attempt at making them. I figured Easter was the perfect excuse to give deviled eggs a whirl.

I'm not sure what took me so long, they were super easy to make and I can't wait to try out different ingredients in them. Mr. KMW is a deviled egg fanatic, so he's going to be pretty pumped about my latest kick.

This time around I went with Bacon and Horseradish. It's impossible to go wrong with bacon and the horseradish gave the creamy eggs a nice kick.

What's your favorite thing to mix into deviled eggs?

6 hard boiled eggs
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon pickle juice
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
ground black pepper
3 pieces of bacon, cooked crisp

Peel hard boiled eggs under cold water. Carefully cut hard boiled eggs in half and remove yolks. 

Mash/stir together egg yolks, mayonnaise, pickle juice, mustard and horseradish. Season with salt and pepper and stir. Break 2 slices of bacon into pieces and mix in. Taste mixture to see if any seasoning adjustment is needed.

Spoon yolk mixture into egg whites. Sprinkle with paprika and garnish with the third piece of bacon (broken into pieces).

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